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Types for general use. More...

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typedef int ol_fd
 The type used for file descriptors.


enum  OLFunctorType {
 Types of functors that can be created by functorOfType: (OLFunctor). More...

Detailed Description

Types for general use.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int ol_fd

The type used for file descriptors.

See also:
OLFileInputStream, OLFileOutputStream

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum OLFunctorType

Types of functors that can be created by functorOfType: (OLFunctor).

See also:
OLFunctorType_Divides  refers to OLDivides
OLFunctorType_EqualTo  refers to OLEqualTo
OLFunctorType_Greater  refers to OLGreater
OLFunctorType_GreaterEqual  refers to OLGreaterEqual
OLFunctorType_Less  refers to OLLess
OLFunctorType_LessEqual  refers to OLLessEqual
OLFunctorType_LogicalAnd  refers to OLLogicalAnd
OLFunctorType_LogicalNot  refers to OLLogicalNot
OLFunctorType_LogicalOr  refers to OLLogicalOr
OLFunctorType_Minus  refers to OLMinus
OLFunctorType_Modulus  refers to OLModulus
OLFunctorType_Multiplies  refers to OLMultiplies
OLFunctorType_Negate  refers to OLNegate
OLFunctorType_NotEqualTo  refers to OLNotEqualTo
OLFunctorType_Plus  refers to OLPlus

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