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ObjectiveLib provides three primary services: containers, algorithms and streams. An important part of the library that keeps everything moving is iterators. Iterators perform two functions: they provide access to elements stored in containers and they provide a way for generic algorithms to operate on elements of almost any type of container. Algorithms take iterators as arguments, and thus never have any knowledge of what type of container they happen to be affecting.

ObjectiveLib is designed to offer the same functionality to Objective-C programmers that the Standard Template Library offers to C++ programmers. Therefore, anyone familiar with the STL will have no trouble using and understanding the machinery of ObjectiveLib.

It is important to note that the streams of ObjectiveLib do not function at all like the streams of C++ from the std namespace. ObjectiveLib streams never perform any formatting on the data that is sent to them or read into them. They are in effect binary streams only. Data written to and read from streams is always written or read in network byte order, and therefore architecture-independent.

Navigating The Documentation

To view features of ObjectiveLib by category please visit the Modules page. Otherwise, if you are looking for a specific class, then you are most likely to find it quickly using the Classes page. Links to each of these pages are also found at the top of every page in the API documentation, including this one.

Contact The Project

All project contacts are handled through SourceForge. To ask for support or to submit bug reports and feature requests please visit the ObjectiveLib project site. Additionally, you may view detailed information about getting support on the Get Support page.

You are encouraged to join discussion of ObjectiveLib on the mailing list. You may subscribe to the mailing list to talk with the developers of ObjectiveLib and to discuss possible bugs or new features.


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