Classes for storing and manipulating text. More...


file  Character.h
 Unicode constants for characters.


class  OLText
 A immutable piece of text. More...
class  OLTextBuffer
 A mutable buffer for manipulating text. More...


typedef uint16_t olchar
 The type of a character of text.

Detailed Description

Classes for storing and manipulating text.

The text system of ObjectiveLib uses Unicode to store its data, but it should not be considered a replacement for full-featured internationalized text systems like that provided by the International Components for Unicode provided by IBM. For example, ObjectiveLib has no knowledge of code points, only code units. Therefore, the meaning of surrogates is ignored, and malformed sequences can be created, though this will certainly be rare. The consistent use of UTF-16 to encode all text in ObjectiveLib is a great improvement over the almost entirely random treatment of text in standard C, but its drawbacks should be borne in mind.

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint16_t olchar

The type of a character of text.

Text is stored using the UTF-16 encoding.

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